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Wine Packaging Equipment

Packaging matters when it comes to your wine. After all, the packaging is what A case erector machine. protects wine during transit. This protection minimizes the risk of broken bottles and damaged labels which can impact your company, brand, and customer experience.

But you need to be able to ensure the safety of your wine bottles without compromising efficiency. The question is: How?

When it comes to wine packaging equipment, properly selecting your machine is essential for cases being shipped to stores and transported home by customers. Wayne Automation is here to help ensure you have the best packaging equipment for your wine to maximize value and protect your company and products.

We offer the state-of-the-art machinery wineries need to ensure proper packaging for safe product transport to protect their wine and their reputation.

Why Automate Your Wine Boxing Process?

Automating your wine boxing processes can save significant time and money, especially if you are a winery operating at high volume.

Creating boxes by hand doesn’t just impact labor costs. It can also leave the boxing processes prone to error, which can ultimately impact product integrity and your bottom line. It also takes a lot of time, and requires you to waste space on pre-assembling boxes.

By taking advantage of wine packaging equipment—including wine dividers, case sealers, and case erectors—to automate the process, you can quickly assemble boxes and get them ready for packaging, sealing, and transport with minimal effort.

Ultimately, automation can result in a greater ROI, improved efficiency, and higher output, meaning wineries can reap the benefits of faster and more efficient packaging while actually paying less over time.

Below are the machines Wayne Automation offers to help wineries automate their wine packaging processes for the most impact.

Case Erectors & Case Formers

Our case erectors and case formers are both machines that take boxes and prepare them for packing bottles of wine.

Case erectors and case formers allow for boxes to be rapidly assembled and ready for packing. Combined with partition inserters and case sealers, case erectors make creating boxes for wine simple and efficient.

Wayne offers case erectors that can handle KDFS WITH PRE GLUED MANUFACTURERS JOINTS, OR CASE FORMERS THAT START WITH UNGLUED, DIE-CUT BOX BLANKS., meaning you can customize your process to get the best value and efficiency for the unique needs of your business.

Wayne Automation offers case erectors for vertical case discharge, such as the VCE Case Erector, for high speed applications as well as our WLRV-CE Case Erector for rapid changeover to meet your wine packaging equipment needs.

Partition Inserters for Wine Box Packaging

Partition inserters are imperative for wine box packaging. They keep containers A partition inserter machine from breaking against each other or damaging labels on the bottles.

Our partition inserters allow for maximum control of the partition. We provide machinery options that insert up to four partitions at once. Depending on your demand, our partition inserters can achieve speeds up to 70 partitions per minute.

Wayne Automation partition inserter machines lead in flexibility because they run both 12-cell partitions as well as various constructions of 6-cell partitions to accommodate a wide range of wine packaging requirements.

If you need additional protection for your wine bottles, we also offer pad inserters which add stacking strength to a case, and enhanced product protection to reduce the chances of breakage during transit.

Case Sealers for Rapid and Secure Sealing

In addition to ensuring you have the best wine packaging equipment, sealing the A case sealer machine. case properly is equally important to ensure bottles arrive safely at their destination, and that the case doesn’t bust open in transport.

This is especially important as shipping services continue to struggle with preserving their products during transport. For some companies, this is as high as 1 out of every 10 shipped products arriving damaged.

Reliable sealing is essential, which is why Wayne Automation offers case sealers for rapid and efficient sealing. Our case sealers can securely seal up to 80 cases per minute depending on your wine packaging needs. These machines can also keep the package under control at high speeds, giving you high-quality results and zero product damage.

Contact Us to Learn More

Making the investment in automation for wine box packaging requires having the right partner to implement the best machinery for your specific needs and support your long-term success. We are here to answer all your questions and help you decide if automation is right for your wine packaging needs!

Interested in learning more about our wine packaging equipment and how it can improve your logistics and customer satisfaction? Contact Wayne Automation today to learn more about our cost-efficient solutions for all your wine packaging needs.


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