Wayne Automation Has the Packaging Machines for Your Small Space

When you’re tight on space, the last thing you need is a beverage packaging machine that takes up more space than it needs to. You might be in a situation where your business is ready for some packaging automation, but you’re not sure if your current space will allow for it.

Maximizing space is always something that Wayne Automation considers for our partners. That’s why we have multiple options for small beverage packaging machines that can get the job done without taking up too much space.

WTP Tray Packer

Wayne Automation WTP Tray PackerThe WTP Tray Packer can meet your needs whether you are packaging for small batches or for the masses. If you need a compact, versatile, and multifunctional machine, then look no further. We started in the craft brewery industry, so we understand the importance of reliable, low-footprint tray packers.

The WTP Tray Packer is a great option, especially for craft brewers looking to improve their end-of-line process. You can count on this piece of equipment to get your product out the door and safely into the hands of your customers. Like all Wayne machines, this piece of packaging equipment is easy to use, adjust, and maintain so that you can focus less on working with your packaging equipment and more on growing your business.

WMCE Case Erector

The WMCE Case Erector is Wayne Automation’s smallest case erector option. This affordable, small footprint machine is capable of running up to 20 cases per minute with vertical case handling. Like other Wayne Automation case erectors, the WMCE is based on the same proven engineering as our high-speed case erectors, meaning this compact machine does not need to rotate or drop cases for conveyor orientation.

This machine’s ease of operation is enhanced by featuring a clear and intuitive color touchscreen interface which eliminates the need for extensive operator training. The WMCE Case Erector is an all mechanical machine, so it is very easy to observe and troubleshoot. All Case erectors build boxes, but not all of them are equal. Case erecting equipment from Wayne Automation is powerful and flexible enough to fit any company’s packing process. The WMCE Case Erector not only comes in a small footprint, but has the right combination of speed and durability.

Who Usually Needs Space Saving Machines?

In short, anyone who needs to maximize their limited space. A lot of times, small beverage companies are a great beneficiary of some of Wayne’s small footprint machines. We know that growing a business comes with certain growing pains, like never having enough space. Our machines give you the production that you need with the space that you currently have.

Wayne Automation WMCE Vertical Case ErectorWayne Automation worked with Devil’s Backbone Brewery, a growing company from Virgina, to provide the equipment their business needed. From starting in a small space to moving all the way up to a 15,000 sq ft facility, they are a great example of the kind of companies that we work with who start with limited space and move on to something bigger. We are always with our clients as they grow and are proud to be able to provide different types of equipment throughout their many stages of growth.

At Wayne Automation, we believe that space shouldn’t hold you back. If you don’t have a lot of space, we still have packaging equipment options for you. Whether you’re making kombucha, seltzer, ciders, beer, or other beverages, Wayne Automation is ready to be your partner with one of our compact and affordable packaging machines.

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