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Wayne Automation offers a wide variety of rectors, inserters, formers and sealers to fully automate your beverage packaging process.

Beverage Packaging

At Wayne Automation, we have more than three decades of experience providing a full range of products to the beveraging packaging industry, so whether your business is soda or craft beer, artisanal or mass produced, we have the equipment and the capabilities to meet your needs.



Time is money, and when you’re aiming to brew, bottle and package as quickly as possible, your end of line packaging system needs to be able to keep up. Even our compact footprint models, like the WMCE Case Erector can handle 20 cases per minute, and for customers focused on maximum throughput, products like our VCE case erector can handle up to 75 cases per minute. Speed isn’t just about packaging, but how quickly you can adapt your product line to a new form factor. Bottling something special for the holiday rush and need a quick change? All our products feature tool-less adjustment, and we even provide the option for fully automated changeover between different, preset products.

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Automation and Ease of Use

Automation goes into every part of our business, and the last thing you need is for your “automated” system to be unwieldy and difficult to control. Our erectors, inserters, sealers and formers are controlled by Allen Bradley microelectronics, which also include automatic cutoff switches, and all of the controls are routed through a high definition touch screen input

Maintenance and Safety

Safety is a priority whenever you fully automate a system, and we’ve considered the safety of your personnel at every step in our design process Our machines feature rotary brakes to completely lock the system during maintenance, and regular maintenance tasks are displayed through the Total Planned Maintenance (TPM) option on the touchscreen, as an available upgrade.

Product Categories


Our erectors were first designed for the glass container industry, so you can rest assured our machines can assemble the packaging needed to protect even the most delicate bottles. Our erectors offer numerous options for your packaging needs. From the CE-20/30 and CE-24/30 for oversized and jumbo cases to the servo enhanced Mod B, we have a case erector for every budget and beverage.

Partition Inserters (SF 400VHS to SF 400UHS)

Keeping individual containers from contacting one another is essential for making sure you don’t lose product on its way to the customer, and we’ve been the premier supplier of partitioner inserters to the beverage industry for over 35 years. Wayne Partition Inserters maintain full control of the partition, handling both sides simultaneously until it is seated. We offer numerous products; like the SF 400VHS and the SF-400 Quattro, capable of two or four insertions at once, the C-Pad partition inserter for pad inserting, or the SF-400 enhanced series for corrugated partition folding


Ensuring reliable, repeatable sealing is key to making sure your packages don’t open, and potentially spoil your product before it reaches shelves. Wayne Automation casetop sealers use repeatable servos for folding major and minor flaps, and can holt melt up to 80 cases per minute for rapid throughput


To get the most volume out of your packaging, you may want individual trays you can stack, and Wayne Automation offers the TR-50 trayformers to meet those needs. The TR-50 can make trays at up to 55 per minute, utilizing a mechanical pick and place system for precise handling at high speeds


Once you’ve assembled your cases, inserted your partitions and built your trays, you’ll need to fill your trays, and our WTP Tray Packer was designed for the craft brewery industry to do just that.Our packers can be configured for cases of bottles, cans, cartons or ring cans, providing you the flexibility to package and safely transport soda, beer, tea, or anything else.


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Devils Backbone Brewery Chooses Wayne Equipment for their Packaging Line

This growing East Coast brewery located near Richmond chose responsive, local machine builders and vendors familiar with their lines of equipment.

Scalable Packaging

Wayne Helped Devils Backbone Grow from a 30 to 120 barrel brewery.

Local Support

Going with a local supplier for their packaging needs meant Devils Brewery had responsive service they could count on.


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