Wayne Erectors Bring Flexibility to ZXP


Wayne Case Erectors Bring Flexibility


ZXP needed to replace an existing system, which had been moved to a new line.


Wayne Automation supplied a VCE case erector to meet their needs.


Increased reliability and reduced rejection rates of deformed cartons.


ZXP Technologies, a nationally recognized outsource partner for blending and packaging mineral oil and synthetic lubricants needed to open a new line at their facility. After moving their old case erector, they needed a new system. ZXP decided on an upgrade, choosing Wayne Automation.

Wayne supplied our VCE case erector, sometimes referred to as a box making machine, to meet ZXP’s needs of flexibility for multiple sizes of cartons. This resulted in an immediate boost to productivity thanks to Wayne’s toolless changeover, and accommodation of deformed cartons. Even after the point of sale, Wayne’s customer service continued to impress, with remote access capability for system diagnostics and overnighting a required part.

The Problem

When ZXP Technologies saw their business expanding, they made a decision to open a new packaging line at their facility. In the business of lubricants, brake fluids, and other synthetic products, safety in packaging is a key concern.

Their existing box making machine had issues with cartons arriving already deformed from the factory. These cartons were then being further damaged by the case erector, often leading to rejection. This inspired Chris Assoian, Engineering Manager at ZXP Technologies to seek out a better solution for their packaging line after moving their old machine to support the new line.


Chris already had a decade of experience with Wayne from a prior employer. While ZXP made sure to perform their due diligence and evaluate all of the available options, Wayne stood out as the clear choice to meet their needs. ZXP’s criteria for their new box making system were simple: they needed flexibility to changeover from one carton type to another, and a machine with the flexibility to still properly assemble cartons which might arrive damaged or in imperfect shape.

“Wayne stood out in terms of flexibility, configurations, and reliability”, said Chris. This cemented their decision to invest in a Wayne system, deciding that the VCE Case Erector best met their requirements. The VCE erector is best suited for a high speed environment, making it the perfect option to slot into the existing factory setup at ZXP. The VCE handles Regular Slotted Containers and Half Slotted Containers.


After Wayne technicians arrived on site to install the VCE case erector, the results for ZXP Technologies were immediate. Operators working with the machine were pleased with its “simple and efficient” operation. The toolless changeover, able to be done by a company operator rather than an OEM technician is a huge boost in productivity. This was especially impactful for ZXP, who often shift what product a given line is packaging at a moment’s notice.

Chris also saw an improvement in efficiency—and just as they hoped—an identifiable drop in lost packaging material from damaged products. Unlike their competitors, Wayne systems can handle cartons which arrive malformed, and still erect a properly made carton.

However, it wasn’t just the machine that was worthy of praise. Wayne’s customer service in supporting ZXP’s new system was a major benefit in itself. “Service support has been excellent”, says Chris. Wayne’s ability to access a system for remote diagnostics is also invaluable, saving everyone the time of having a technician travel out to the facility. When ZXP required a replacement part, Wayne overnighted the component, affirming our commitment to supporting every system in the field.

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“To those on the fence about a Wayne system”, Chris said, “Wayne is the best unit as far as i’m concerned. It’s a premium but saves you money in the long run”


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