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Ainsley Warehouse wanted a Wayne basket carrier erector, but a bad deal left them with an unusable second-hand machine.


Wayne stepped in, helping Ainsley repair the machine and going above and beyond to ensure the facility had the packaging equipment and resources it needed.


Ainsley Warehouse has seen a 65% packaging efficiency boost, and when they needed a second machine, they went to Wayne.


When you are serving a massively growing market like the beverage industry, keeping up with the demands to package and repackage cans and bottles is a monumental challenge. Ainsley Warehouse was doing the job with two 50-year-old box-making machines, and it was time for a change.

“We had been researching the different packaging machines on the market, and we discovered that Wayne Automation was one of the premier manufacturers for carton equipment,” says operations manager Jon Besemer.

Now, four years into its partnership with Wayne Automation, Ainsley Warehouse has seen incredible productivity with its packaging automation. Initially, their packaging materials–six-pack and four-pack cartons–were assembled entirely by hand, with four people assembling the carriers and two more putting them into the overpack cartons. With their basket carrier erector from Wayne, Ainsley is now able to do the whole job with only two workers.

This reduced manual labor means that the company has seen a payback period of under three years, a feat that is even more impressive given that with normal maintenance, the equipment has an expected lifespan of 15-20 years.

In addition to overcoming packaging challenges, the benefits of Wayne’s machinery also extend to employee satisfaction.

“This was not a pleasant job before. Hands would get beat up putting this together by hand,” says Besemer. “They LOVE the machine.” Features such as a quality check make the job seamless and easy, reducing human error and allowing for unprecedented quality control. However, the path to get here was far from easy for Ainsley Warehouse.

The Problem:

As a fairly small company, Ainsley Warehouse could not afford a brand-new basket carrier erector. Nevertheless, they were determined to get Wayne’s packaging equipment, so they began scouring the market for used packaging machines. As Besemer soon found out, the demand for these types of products meant this was not an easy process. “Probably for six years, we were working with various sales representatives,” he says.

Finally, after more than half a decade of searching, Ainsley Warehouse got some good news. A glass plant in Illinois was updating its process and looking to sell its old packaging equipment. After sending representatives to see the machine, Ainsley finalized the purchase and waited for the Wayne Automation carton erector to arrive. But when the machine arrived, it was not what they expected.

“They had stripped parts off of it, the glue machine was not the right one, the controller for the machine was outdated and had lost the program,” says Besemer. “It was a nightmare.” After being misled into spending $35,000 on a machine that was now completely useless, Besemer feared for his job and for Ainsley. Desperate to save the situation, he called Wayne Automation for help.


Fortunately for Besemer, Wayne keeps track of every one of their machines from production to end-of-life, and was ready to help.

“They did a phone conference with us and walked us through everything we needed to do,” he recalls. Besemer describes his amazement at the work and dedication Wayne Automation was willing to provide for Ainsley Warehouse. “They provided us with all the documents we needed on a 30-year-old piece of equipment”, he says. “They had no financial interest in this deal. They just did it because that is how they back their equipment.”

But Wayne Automation was not satisfied with merely providing support from afar. Due to the age of Ainsley Warehouse’s machine, the company had a former technician to travel to the facility and assist in the refurbishing process.

“They talked him into coming out of retirement because he knew the older machines,” says Besemer. “This gentleman worked with us to get the machine mechanically running but also worked with the programmers and did a step-by-step logic sequence so these guys could program the controller.”

Even though the case erector was second-hand, Wayne took pride and ownership of the machine, ensuring that Ainsley had the best functioning packaging equipment.


When the second-hand Wayne equipment Ainsley Warehouse purchased became inconsistent after running for over two years with very little problem, they acknowledged that it was finally time to upgrade.

After the success of the first machine and the low cost of ownership, Ainsley was eager to buy a second carton erector to further improve their processes. Despite being a small company with a tight budget, there was no question who they would turn to.

“After the service they gave us with that first machine, we wouldn’t go anywhere else,” says Besemer. “We didn’t even look.”

“We liked how Wayne treated us and how good we were taken care of,” says Maintenance Supervisor Russ Bergner. The confidence was well-placed, and Wayne continued to provide outstanding service and support when installing the second machine.

After the initial installation, Wayne Automation tech was sent down to do a final check-over on the machine. “He spent a day with us, fine-tuned our setup, trained our people, and was in and out in a day,” says Besemer. “That saved us a ton of money.”

The tech trained the Ainsley Warehouse team on how to use and maintain the machine by having them perform tasks and overseeing their progress. “They explained things to us in a way we could understand it,” says Bergner.

When asked what he would say to someone considering working with Wayne, Bergner says, “They would never regret it. They’ve always been good and kind and very personable.”

Whether a new machine or second-hand, the detailed service of Wayne shines through with their range of products, creating loyal partners every time.

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