DTLR VILLA Sees Massive Savings
with a Wayne Automation Case Erector




Before Wayne, DTLR VILLA made all boxes by hand and became unable to keep up with demand.


Wayne Automation built and installed a case erector. DTLR VILLA saw immediate results both in space requirements for boxes, and for the labor needed to assemble those boxes.


DTLR VILLA has already saved $350,000 with the new case erector and the savings continue to grow.

DTLR VILLA Saves $350,000 with a Wayne Automation Case Erector

Lifestyle retailer DTLR VILLA had a problem. Each day, employees would assemble boxes by hand. However, with more and more new orders coming in constantly, they were not able to work fast enough to keep up with demand. “We would be making a surplus of boxes to make sure we have enough crates and it does not create a bottleneck,” explains DTLR chief financial officer Phil Villari. This created huge inefficiencies, in space, materials, and time.

As a lifestyle retailer dealing with high-end streetwear brands, they needed a process that would allow workers to move quickly without wasting resources, and without compromising the quality of the packaging.

Automation Makes DTLR a Safer, Happier Workplace

DTLR VILLA is a large footwear and apparel retailer specializing in premium brands. With 250 stores in 20 states, DTLR is a big company with a lot of orders to fill. They recognized that in order to keep up with the ever-increasing demands, they needed to update their packaging process. To do this, they selected a custom case erector from Wayne Automation. Today, they enjoy a less crowded, more efficient workplace thanks to the power of packaging automation.

While there was a clear motive for automation, Villari initially had concerns. He worried that a machine would not work, and would only incur additional labor charges. These are common concerns for companies considering automation, and a major reason smaller companies are less likely to invest. Fortunately, a referral from a corrugated box salesman led Villari to Wayne Automation, and the rest is history.

The implementation of the case erector saw immediate results both in space requirements for boxes, and for the labor needed to assemble those boxes.

“We used to have 4 people and now there is just 1 person operating the machine,” Villari explains. “This resulted in a 50% labor savings, which equals $50,000 per year.

Even as impressive as that figure is, the benefits go on. Employee satisfaction is up thanks to the speed and efficiency delivered by the box-making machine.

“They LOVE it.” Villari says. “The case erector makes their job so much easier and overall they are very pleased with the machine.” By eliminating the need for the difficult manual labor of assembling boxes, DTLR created a far better work environment while saving tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Villari was also impressed with the personal touch Wayne Automation brings to their work. “They are very hands-on and take pride in the products they develop.” Villari comments.

The Wayne approach doesn’t stop at the delivery of the machine. The company works with customers to ensure they remain satisfied and get the most value possible out of their automated processes.

Partners in Automation

For DTLR VILLA, many of the greatest advantages of working with Wayne Automation were only seen long after the initial delivery of the case erector. Villari commended the fast service, and detailed, ongoing training provided for customers.

“Wayne came out and still comes out once a month to maintain/service the machine and train employees how to address minor problems that come up, such as adding oil/glue.” He notes.

On top of training, Villari also emphasized how quickly Wayne responds to part failures. “They have a quick turnaround time so we experience little to no downtime,” he says. The immediate wins of automation are bolstered with a strong focus on longevity. By providing not only a box-making machine, but continuous support and service, Wayne makes long-term partners out of clients.

Our value goes beyond excellent engineering. The quality that makes our company special is our dedication to our clients. What sets Wayne apart is the “overall dedication from the owners,” says Villari. Automating with Wayne means not only seeing incredible savings and efficiency wins, but knowing that you have a dedicated team that is as invested in your success as you are.

Automate with Us!

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