CSD Copackers Slashes Labor Costs with Wayne Automation Machines


CSD Copackers


End of line packaging processes were done by hand, including erecting boxes, partitions, and sealing boxes.


Wayne Automation built and installed a case erector, 4/6 pack carrier inserter, and hot-melt glue case-sealer.


CSD has seen a payback period of 18 months, surpassing industry expectations.

CSD Copackers Slashes Labor Costs with a Wayne Automation Machine

Seeking a Change for the End-of-Line Packaging Process

For Scranton-based contract packer CSD Copackers, packaging consistency was a major problem. Boxes and partitions were erected by hand. Sealing was also done manually, with workers manually taping each box. Naturally, this led to huge variations in quality.

“You have someone having a great day and you have a great carton erected, and you have someone having a bad day and you get a less-than-perfect carton,” explains CSD Owner Scott Glovier. Seeing the need for a better process, and recognizing the value of investing in automation, Glovier started looking for machines to do the job.

Initially, the company purchased a 35-year-old packaging machine, but soon ran into issues. After months of trying to make the machine work with their process, they gave up.

“The business demanded some more efficiencies, greater speed.” Says Glovier. “We were at our wit’s end with a piece of used equipment that just wasn’t going to do the job.” Luckily, his partner pointed Glovier in the direction of Wayne Automation.

Wayne Delivers with Massive Efficiency Savings and an 18-Month Payback Period

Opened in 2011, CSD Copackers is a contract packer for the soda pop industry. The company offers high-quality productions and packaging, focusing on new companies and detail-oriented brands. Now, it’s been just under two years since CSD partnered with Wayne and is enjoying incredible results from end-of-line automation.

With their case erector, 4/6 pack carrier inserter, and hot-melt glue case-sealer, the company has reduced the necessary workers from more than eight down to less than two, providing incredible savings on labor. In fact, CSD has seen a payback period of 18 months, surpassing industry expectations.

With the newfound consistency and quality of box-packing machines, planning for production has become streamlined, benefitting both CSD Copackers and its customers. Before Wayne, CSD scheduled a week-long lead time on box-building, with raw materials from clients scheduled 10 days in advance.

Today, the time frame for production is shortened, saving valuable space and time for CSD, and providing more scheduling flexibility and timeliness to clients. Even with up to five changeovers in a single week, Wayne machines offer simple, seamless transitions.

The company has used these successes to compound its savings, upgrading its machines to allow for even better results. “We could not have gotten that done without a consistent and reliable package machine,” says Glovier.

A Better, Happier Workplace for Employees

Automation has not only been a benefit for the bottom line; workers are happier too.

“They’re wide-eyed,” says Glovier. “They’re amazed the machine exists and can work so quickly.” The efficiency and consistency of the machines mean less pressure on the workers to get results, and prevents them from falling behind when they need to miss days. “We’ve been doing everything the hard way here.” Glovier quips.

But the benefits for employees don’t end at the day-to-day operations. According to Glovier, the extra latitude created by Wayne’s box-packing machines “does enable us to create a better career path for associates on the factory floor.” For associates looking for a larger challenge and more responsibility, CSD is able to train and develop them into more advanced technician positions offered by automation. CSD isn’t alone either; automation consistently raises employee satisfaction.

From First Contact to Full Capacity, Wayne Offers Ownership, Education, and a Personal Touch

From the very start, it was Wayne Automation’s enthusiasm and outreach that sealed the deal. When Wayne engineers visited the CSD facility to discuss integration, Glovier was blown away by their “unbelievable knowledge of the machines.” CSD had limited automation experience, but Wayne understood the needs of an end-of-line packaging system and was willing to go the extra mile to provide support and education. Due to their proximity, Glovier even got to take a tour of the Wayne Automation facility. “They’re proud of what they do.” He commends. “And they’re happy to explain it.”

Some companies might see the sale as the end of the transaction, but not Wayne. Glovier was amazed by the dedicated customer service for their machines.

“They will answer texts day and night,” he says. “Especially those first couple of months we didn’t know what we were doing.” It’s the responsiveness from the developers, engineers, and technicians that makes Wayne genuine partners in automation, and more than just an average OEM. By text or by phone, “When we need an answer in five minutes they answer,” says Glovier.

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