Staying With What Works: A Customer Story


Mobile Electronics Insurance Fulfillment Company


A major mobile electronics insurance fulfillment company wanted to replace their outdated PLCs from 2008 to align with new ISO requirements, but didn’t want the headache of exploring a new supplier.


Wayne was happy to provide new models of their signature equipment—a small box case erector and a tape sealer—with updated PLCs to this long-time customer.


Instead of a lengthy process with a new supplier, this cell phone insurance company stayed with Wayne’s reliable, industry-leading automation equipment for the best results.


Out With The Old, In With The New

Not all customer stories begin with a drastic emergency or total overhaul of their packaging systems. Some, like the major mobile electronics insurance fulfillment company featured here, just needed to update outdated PLCs to stay in line with ISO requirements. By avoiding the hassle of looking for alternative suppliers for a new small box case erector and tape sealer, they went back to the reliable choice for industry-leading equipment: Wayne Automation.

“Our equipment, which Wayne originally supplied back in 2008, was working great, but had begun to age,” a representative from the purchasing company says. “In order to stay aligned with new ISO requirements, we essentially wanted direct replacements for the outdated PLCs. Everybody loves these machines; we just wanted the newer versions.”

14 years into its partnership with Wayne Automation, this company knew it didn’t need to go looking elsewhere.

“We didn’t look at anyone else. Essentially, it’s easier to go with what you know, and we already had a smooth process in place with Wayne’s equipment. ”

The benefits also extended to their employees.

“Like I said, our people love these machines, so it was an easy transition to make. They even found it’s about 10 decibels quieter!”

A Long-Term Partner Providing Service After the Sale.

Wayne Automation prides itself not only on the high quality of its equipment, but also on our dedication to customer service in the growing end-of-line packaging market. This means that service doesn’t just stop after delivery. That is why customers say time and again that they choose and trust automated packaging equipment from Wayne Automation.

“I’ve always had a great experience with servicing. We did have some programming issues, but once we got the tech back on site, they cleaned up those issues. And in my experience, delivery was as expected, and if it’s not, Wayne comes back out and makes sure everything is running the way it should be.”

Automate with Us!

“Don’t hesitate to reach out, Ben Goodman in sales was very helpful,” the representative said. “Jay knows the ins and outs of the equipment. Both gave me good feelings that I was in the right hands.”

Wayne’s packaging automation technology has become some of the most innovative and creative in the industry. We offer the highest speeds in case-erecting and remain the premier supplier of end-of-line packaging equipment, offering capabilities beyond any other machinery on the market. We have further accelerated this technology by offering case and tray packing systems that incorporate the insertion of partitions around containers positioned on the wraparound, case, or tray. On top of that, our tray formers accommodate more tray styles than any other manufacturer.

Now that you know the benefits of working with Wayne, are you ready to supercharge your packaging process?

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