Big Beverage Company Selects 7 “Top-of-the-Line” Wayne Partition Inserters


Partition Inserters for Beverages

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Big Beverage Company Selects 7 “Top-of-the-Line” Wayne Partition Inserters

Expanding Business Calls for End-of-Line Automation

For companies in the manufacturing industry, automating without prior experience poses major challenges and can risk extensive downtime. Still, in the case of one large beverage manufacturer, it was no longer efficient to have glass bottles delivered in ready-made cases.

When the company switched to bulk glass, they needed a fast and reliable partition inserter to prepare cases for bottle transfer. Wayne Automation’s ‘top-of-the-line’ quality and service ensured the process integrated seamlessly and with minimal downtime. Since 2016, the manufacturer has now purchased seven of our partition inserters, and has three more ordered for 2021.

Due to the large volume of cases and partitions required, assembling and inserting by hand was not an option. Still, having no previous experience with automation, selecting the right system was vital. Speaking to an engineer who worked on the transition, he says he initially chose Wayne for its excellent reputation.

“I had been to other bottling places where they used Wayne inserters to open up six-packs,” he says. “I had always heard good things.”

From Word-of-Mouth to Real-World Results

With seven partition inserter machines online, and three more ordered this year, the company has clearly found a partner in Wayne Automation. When asked if there were any fears or concerns when buying the machine, the engineer’s answer was a short and sweet ‘no’.

“Wayne’s the only one we’ve ever used for partition inserters,” he says. “Even now, they’re the only ones that I know of that’s worth it.”

But what makes Wayne so special? Our contact notes three basic factors:

  1. The equipment is the best in the business
  2. The service is dedicated and comprehensive
  3. The machines are always upgrading, increasing productivity

Throughout the interview, the engineer we talked to notes the seamless integration provided by the high quality of the machines.

“It’s an easy machine to use,” he says. “When everything is set up right it just runs.”

He also notes how easy the machine is for operators to run, making training simple and straightforward. Wayne’s dedication to providing unparalleled value is what allows companies large or small to integrate end-of-line automation with confidence, and minimize downtime.

Another repeated point is Wayne’s refusal to rest on its laurels.

“In the four or five years they continue to make improvements to their machines,” our contact commends.

In particular, he noted a change from pneumatics to servo actuation in the partition inserted machines to increase speed and accuracy. This constant emphasis on improvement also means that Wayne machines have excellent documentation and service notes, making fixes easy even on old machines. It’s the drive to innovate that maintains our reputation for peerless quality.

Finally, the engineer recognized the high-level support and detailed service offered by Wayne Automation.

“When you give them a call they put it as top priority and they want to make sure you get it fixed no matter what time of day it is,” he says.

Especially for companies new to end-of-line automation, this devotion to immediate, expert support can be the difference between success and disaster. But even now as a long-time partner with seven machines, the company will tell you that Wayne’s level of service never wavers.

Automate with Us!

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